• We validate that people’s perception is reality and whether or not people’s reality is their perception.

  • Organizational Rebel® takes a different approach to workforce effectiveness. Dr. Barbra Portzline, an organizational intuitive, has studied the strategies used by people who have been successful in the workplace, who have beaten the odds, who have rebelled against bad behavior and have achieved fulfilling and meaningful careers. 

    The P6 Assessment was designed as a result of this research.  We assess the gaps between where owners are and where they want to be; provide a tactical plan based on the assessment results, and work in partnership with our clients to lessen the gaps and build owner capacity in People, Processes, Practices, Promotions, Productivity and Profit.

    We align Perception and Reality.

  • Custom Designed Services

  • The P6 consists of a battery of questions about your perception of reality which is plotted and compared to where you want to be. The results help us determine how to bring in alignment your perception and reality so your business can thrive.

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  • Based on the results of the P6 Assessment our team of experts will work with you to chart a course to align perception with reality to make improvements in your People, Processes, Practices, Promotions, Productivity, and Profit.

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  • "I continue to be impressed by the breadth and depth of the knowledge, insight and expertise in program evaluation and consulting, as well as the high quality work she consistently produces for our cancer prevention program at the New Mexico Department of Health. She has worked on small- and large-scale projects for our program and I am always confident that her guidance will result in top-notch products that we use to benefit and promote our programs. I would absolutely recommend hiring her to design and implement a high quality evaluation plan that will be useful, on target, and relevant!"

    Christine Brown (Health Educator, State of New Mexico Department of Health)

  • "She is a partner of EQmentor ... I have thoroughly enjoyed our relationship. I have found her to be incredibly creative and entreprenurial ... seeking our innovative ways to bring solutions to clients irrespective of whether the solution belongs to her or someone else. I strongly recommend working with her..."

    Dr. Izzy Justice, (EQ Mentor)

  • "... exemplifies what an evaluator should be. She combines rigorous academic training with varied and deep professional experience. As such, she is able to bring exactly the right formula for whatever evaluation needs exist in a particular project or organization... is keenly observant, an amazing planner, and knows how to work within budgets and project scopes of all sizes. As if that is not enough, she also teaches college-level courses and mentors emerging evaluators. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

    Marissa Nordstrom Perez Administrative Project Manager, Presbyterian Healthcare Services