• Founder & CEO

  • Dr. Barbra Portzline, is the President at Organizational Rebel® LLC , the founder of Organizational Rebel.LIFE an online community, and the co-developer of the P6 Assessment.

    As an Organizational Intuitive she has a calling to help folks find the most efficient path to improving People, Processes, Practices, Promotions, Productivity & Profit.

    With close to two decades of hands-on engagement in coaching, practicing, consulting, and teaching, Dr. Barbra Portzline has first-hand experience in the ebb and flow of individual and organizational growth and the pitfalls, challenges, opportunities and dynamics that fuel successful individuals and businesses. 

    With a background in clinical psychology, organizational development, and business transformation she brings rich expertise, a deep understanding of the underlying subtleties present in the workplace, an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion to educate and the sheer talent required to work within complex organizational structures. 

    Her work supports a cross-discipline, integrated approach to strategy, based on real-time data collection and analysis.

    Barbra is extremely active within the performance improvement community.  Currently, she is an Associate with the ROI Institute, the Director of Organizational Development at Entereza, Inc., and an adjunct faculty member at the University of New Mexico.

  • Using her business assessment tool and her almost shocking ability to see even beyond the assessment and get to what matters most next so quickly, Dr. Portzline was able to offer accurate insights and make strategic and targeted suggestions. Her insights were not limited to how to cut through the external noise and confusion about how to achieve new business growth. She was also candid and caring in helping me to understand what shifts I needed to make internally in order to be more in alignment with implementing long-term growth goals. Things that I could not see.

    Pam Rosen, Human Development and Communications Strategist, Light Heart Communications, LLC