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  • As a solopreneur business owner, it can be a challenge to be on top of all aspects of my business. I find that I gravitate towards the things that I do well, like working with my clients and developing myself as a professional, and don't spend enough time on the activities that will help me to grow my business. That's why the P6 assessment is so valuable. It gives you a snapshot of how your business is doing over the six areas for success based on your own desires for your business; it shows where you're doing well, as well as areas that need to be strengthened. And then sitting down with Dr. Barbra Portzline for the strategy session is enlightening. What may feel overwhelming or beyond reach is broken down into simple, actionable steps and charted into a course for alignment. Going through the P6 assessment process has been an invaluable experience that has already helped me bring certain areas of my business more into alignment with where I want my business to be.
  • It became very clear to me within a few moments of taking the P6 that I needed a course correction quickly. My organization has been "surviving" but not 'thriving" over the past year or two. I was tired of trying the same thing over and over. The Organizational Rebel team not only helped me to identify some areas for improvement that I hadn't thought of, but they worked with me to ensure that I was comfortable taking the reins after they completed their work. I highly recommend this team - they are smart, competent, and lots of fun to work with.