Our Core Team

In order to best support our client family we have brought together a stellar team of individuals all with very specific skills. Several of our team members have their own thriving businesses in addition to supporting our work
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Dr. Barbra Portzline

Chief Organizational Rebel

James Portzline

Vice President,
Technology Sith Lord

Liz Benton

Senior Director of OD,
Strategic Sorceress

Dr. Shanelle Mennella

Director of Reserach & Evaluation,
Research Queen

Ildikó Oravecz

Collaborative Partner,
Leadership Ninja

Natalia N. Hernandez

Human Resources Extraordinaire

Beth Hemmerich

Facilitator & Trainer,
Empress of Facilitation

Karen Ann Boise

Confidence Aficionado

Susan Katz

Editing Cartographer

Jamie Green

Doyenne of Insights & Inspiration

Shelley Carney

Media Magician

Gizza Triana

Master of organizational globalization

Ranjana Damle

Intuititve Research Insurgent

Kellie Tinnin

Learning Ninja

Sacil Armstrong

Equity and Embodiment Enabler

Trish Sanchez

eLearning Star

Dr. Monica Mallet


Jenna Crabb

Individual and Team Titan

Rocio Holguin

Latina Warrior

Kristi Lynda

Social Media Manager

Tiffany Gravelle

Chief Celebrator

Shelley Rael

Detail Diva

Robert Radtke

Intelligence and Operations Consultant

Christine Brown

Program Planning and Development Diva

Marissa Nordstrom

Laser Listener & Constructive Marginal

Cindy McKee

Communication Navigator

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